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About Shane Belceto The Author

As Shane searched for himself he found that sharing with others is most important to him. A student himself of personal development quotes have played a large part in his life and thus this new book was put together.

Shane Belceto has overcome a variety of challenges in both life and business. He has had the opportunity to work from his home in Washington State for the past 15 years. Shane has an ability to see things differently and from a positive view point no matter the circumstance. During his lifetime, the quotes that have been shared with him have played an integral part in his attitude and successes. This is why he felt compelled to share them with others.

Shane is a man of many talents. Never mind the fact that he is visually impaired, he never let a thing called “sight” get in his way. Shane is a Certified Professional Life Coach, Speaker and Author. He specializes in helping others go after their dreams and goals, using a combination of coaching and social media tools. It is an inspiration that despite his visual impairment he is actually very technologically savvy.

You can often find him volunteering or off on a mission trip, always ready to help others. He has had the opportunity to help a variety of people in a number of ways throughout the globe both online and off line. Of the many titles and talents that Shane possesses, the one that he wears with the highest regard is that of “Dad”. He is a loving father and a supportive person. He finds joy in helping others, and it is his life’s passion to do so. Shane is truly an inspiration! Inspiring both the seeing and the visually impaired with his talents and accomplishments, and proving to others that if he can do it, truly anyone can.

In this book are Shane’s favorite quotes which he refers to. He elaborates on them, sharing his own thoughts on what he interprets the author of the quote is sharing. This allows you, the reader, to engage your own thoughts and feelings for further expressions and inspire you to take action.

“I wish to personally thank YOU for picking up this book. I trust it adds value, inspiration and support to your life and those you come into contact with daily. Please feel free to share how this book has influenced you, and connect with me directly.”

~Expect Miracles
Shane Belceto CPC


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